About CCRA
We are committed to providing tenant agency services, protecting the interests of tenants and securing the most favorable lease terms for tenants at the negotiating table instead of acting as the project agent nor representing the interests of owners and developers.

CCRA is one of the world’s leading service companies that renders one-stop and integrated corporate real estate solutions for corporate tenants. At core essence, we pursue to enhance the quality of services and operations for our customers by thinking across space. The services delivered by CCRA span various industries and cover all aspects of corporate real estate demands, including market research, real estate strategic planning, workplace strategy, location selection analysis, capital market, government policy negotiation, professional project management, transaction management, due diligence, project management and so on. As a real estate strategic planner for enterprises, CCRA is committed to assisting the management of enterprises in developing effective corporate real estate strategies to meet corporate real estate demands and challenges at different stages of the enterprises.

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Service Content
We seek to address the challenges of corporate real estate use and provide the most competitive solutions to sustainable development
Strategic Planning We are committed to developing credible and sustainable real estate strategic plans according to strategic objectives and business development directions of the enterprises, by means of market analysis, labor analysis, competitor analysis, government tax policy and preferential mechanism analysis, etc. More
Transaction Management When you need a real estate methodology to support your business, the best partners will always give top priority to your best interests. More
Project Management Every new office space may create a new possibility. More
Global Corporate Real Estate Services Both opportunities and challenges exist for managing multiple offices around the world. We are ready to help. More
Transaction process
We seek to address the challenges of corporate real estate use and provide the most competitive solutions to sustainable development
Understand your needs
We start from listening to your needs, which makes us capable of fully understanding your current and future requirements
We provide you with a complete overview of the market and then develop ideal solutions to meeting all your needs
We conduct transparent negotiations with the owners to ensure the best trading terms
Delivery space
We will assist you in successful completion of tailor-made transactions in time
We will provide you with services during the whole term of the lease
Service Experience
One-stop tenant agency services
With its services covering a range of industries, CCRA has provided services for the world’s leading 500 companies for many times...